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Monday, February 17, 2014

Puke Princess and Her Justification

In our recent flight back from Hong Kong to Shanghai (we flew Cathay Pacific and had to transit in HKG from KUL), I played "Puke Princess" again after having this meal on board...

I enjoyed the meal very much (especially the dim sum from mummy's tray)...

However, I started feeling queasy towards the end of the flight and as the plane was "circling in the air" preparing to land, I did it again. This time around, the air sickness pouch was already on standby so it was a mess-free affair :) As mummy was putting away the partially-filled puke pouch, she teased me...

Mummy: See, you wasted the Haagen Dazs ice cream and all the nice food. They are all inside here now *pointed to the puke pouch*
Me: No! I've already tasted and enjoyed it so it is NOT wasted. Even if I didn't vomit this out, later when I poo-poo, it will also come out of my body wat...
Mummy: ..........


  1. Pandai Chloe! Know how to answer. Not waste of food mah.

  2. oh..poor girl. air sickness is really not very fun.

  3. mami is very pro of handling the puke princess edy.

    Hopefully, next time you can enjoy your food more and no more air sickness.

  4. Good thing that this time mommy is ready with the bag so no problem at all.


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