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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Worsened Myopia

I went for an eye check-up 2 weekends ago after complaining to mummy that I couldn't see the writing on the white-board in class. We went back to the same hospital where I had my last check-up done in April 2013. 
After a brief examination by an ophthalmologist, we were told that the power on both my eyes have increased tremendously from R1.75/L2.50 to R5.00/L6.00... in just 11 months! To confirm the accuracy of this prescription, I was put through the torment of eye dilation. I HATED this procedure because the eye drop caused very uncomfortable stinging sensation in my eyes and I had to do it like 5 times! 

After the eye dilation, my eyes were re-tested and the same result was obtained, confirming the accuracy of the earlier prescription. Now, how did my eyesight deteriorate so drastically? And over such a short period of time? Daddy and mummy were just as baffled as they were upset. Too much reading, maybe?

I was then referred to the in-house optometrist (the hospital had their own optical centre) and he too, expressed shock and concern over my drastic power increase. He suggested more outdoor activities and encouraged me to play sports like ping pong or badminton. Daddy immediately went to buy a ping pong set after that haha!

Last Saturday, we went back to the hospital to collect my new spectacles...

My new specs... Nice?

The new frame is quite similar to my old one... so I still look pretty much the same

Cartoon-themed (喜羊羊) frame that I picked on my own... I love it very much!

The very kind, friendly and helpful optometrist spent close to half an hour talking to daddy and mummy, giving them advice and tips on proper eye care. He also gave us 2 eye charts so that we could do a home-monitor regularly...

Our home looking like an eye clinic now 


  1. sorry to hear this.

    when i was young my power zoom up ery high too :(

  2. Very nice red jacket and very nice frames.

  3. So what was the advise? How to prevent it from getting worse? Nice frame!

  4. Alycia's eye sight also worsened terribly in a span of just 1 year. Last year when we brought her to the optician, both her eyes were still ok - no glasses needed. Then a few mths ago she complained that she could not see the whiteboard clearly. Brought her to the optician and lo and behold, the power for short-sightedness was 150+ and 250+ respectively on the eyes! So now she's a sei ngam mui. I think reading too many books and on the computer too long are the culprit.

  5. The new specs look very nice on Chloe. Hopefully when Chloe practises what the optician advised, her eyesight will not get worse. I read some articles online that there are some exercises to improve eyesight but not sure how true they are.

  6. I used to wear glasses too, discovered my short sightedness end of Standard One and refused to wear glasses in the following year. I'd copy from a friend sitting next to me, until one day I could no longer do that (teacher thought I was copying answer). Back then the glasses were horrible and ugly, but yours... aaahh... yours is so pretty and sweet and cute! Anyway, my power increased drastically also between ages 8-12 I think... almost a hundred points every year.

    Take care! By the way, does mummy daddy know how to read those chinese words? I'd be so fretful!

  7. Replies
    1. I think it will not get better. Get worse, yes :(


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