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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Chenshan Botanical Gardens Part 2 - Tulips and Orchids

This is the continuation from the previous post but this will be all about flowers - tulips and orchids, especially. We also visited the Shanghai International Orchid Show just because it was there, not that we liked or knew how to appreciate the beauty of orchids hehe :p

As for the tulips, they were planted in patches and scattered all over the park, at every available space, even beside a drain like this one...

And of course, one of the main attractions here was the tulip garden, featuring a mini tulip field where mummy went crazy snapping dozens of photos of them (not that she's any good at it though, haha)... 

Fresh blossoms...

Some were past their glory days and were wilting already...

And many mini tulip fields...


  1. Beautiful ! I don't really know how to appreciate flowers but I do like their colours.

  2. I really, really, really love your tulip photos. So beautiful and very colourful. I didn't realise tulips grow in so many colours. Make me want to visit Shanghai next year just to see these tulips.

  3. I love the most is photo num 16 . Very nice

  4. even though flower wilting, i find them still nice. refreshing.

  5. So many beautiful flowers...

  6. The flowers are so beautiful! Wish I could see them :)


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