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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Sharing a Miserably Tiny Piece of Cake!

Besides the daily hugging, kissing and verbal I LOVE YOUs, I have an unusual way of showing my love to mummy. Every now and then, I will come home from school with bits and pieces of "surprises" in my snack box... specially kept and reserved for her. You see, whenever I taste something nice in school (esp snacks given by my friends or from a class party), I would bring some home for mummy to try.

Just last week, there was a birthday party in class and the birthday boy's mother made a very yummy lemon cake for the celebration. I liked the cake very much and could have gobbled it up in seconds but with a little bit of self-control, I chose to save a small portion instead. I had mummy in mind and I wanted to share this tasty treat with her...

Chocolate almond crunch and "leftover" bite-sized lemon cake that I kept specially for mummy... (all homemade by my classmate's mother, who came to school and distributed them to us)

Looking at the cake, mummy felt very, very loved and thanked me many times for thinking of her. And guess what, she split the already tiny piece into half and shared it with daddy haha!! 

One of the many other stuff that I saved and brought back for mummy.... some are as tiny as crumbs haha!

Never mind if it is just crumbs that I bring back for her... it is the thought that counts! :) 


  1. it's the thoughts that counts ma :)

  2. Chloe is such a caring and loving child, always with mummy and daddy in mind. Very true it is the thought that counts but Chloe did more than that, she has got out all her self-control to keep herself from eating the tasty food and kept half for you all. Very good child. Top marks for filial piety. :)

  3. Ohh so thoughtful of your girl. *heart melting moment**

  4. Such a loving family you have there. You are such a sweetheart <3

  5. Such a sweet little girl. And I thought mummy break that tiny piece of cake into another half to give back to Chloe, mana tau, save for the hubby. haha....


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