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Thursday, November 6, 2014

School Updates

I am currently into my third month of Grade 3 already and we are fast approaching the end of the first semester (out of 3 semesters). My present class teacher is very diligent in taking photos of us and mummy looks forward to her weekly class updates (via email) just to view these photos haha. Here is a glimpse of my random activities in school...

(All photos are courtesy of my class teacher, Ms M) 

Busy, busy... in the classroom.

Planting time in our mini vegetable patch in school... We planted rapeseed, statice and tomato

Playing with dirt :p (actually putting the seeds into the soil)

Science lesson

Taking a closer look at a meal worm 

Farewell party for a classmate during lunch time at the cafeteria (friend leaving, we all got presents from her instead!)

During playtime, most of the children like to run and play in the field...

... I prefer to spend time in the library, either reading or watching friends play the computer

Chinese class

I participated in a friendly soccer match in another international school. 

We lost the match and I blamed the opponents for cheating haha! It was a good and fun experience though. 

Me and my soccer team mates

I love school excursions! 

Snapping photos with an iPad mini (provided by the school). We use this in our daily classroom learning. 

A day at the aquarium

With my BFF

My classmates and I

Mummy made me a cardboard Gingerbreadman because I wanted to take part in one of the annual Library Week activities...

Library Week: The Book Character Parade

Ms K the librarian (dressed as a book fairy) asking me a question on stage

One for the album (participants from Grade 3)

(Note: The photos are not very clear because they are sent in an application where the photos cannot be saved and mummy had to "print screen" and crop them one by one)


  1. hello! Long time no update.

    Great to see you growing up so healthy :)

    Wah your teacher so good snap so many pic for your mommy

  2. I love all your pictures. I'm sure they bring back so much sweet memories for you, and school has been so enriching. Treasure the beautiful friendships you make, grow the experiences, and thank your mummy for recording all these down tangibly! She's done a marvellous job!

  3. Wow! Such an interesting time you have at school. So nice of your teacher to capture all these pics too :)

  4. So nice to see all the children and Chloe enjoying the various fun activities! Her school is really a good school.

  5. That is nice of the teachers to send photos updates of the child in school. =) So wish the schools here do that.

  6. Glad to read about Chloe's recent update. Chloe has grown up so much, she is doing well in Shanghai.

  7. I really miss reading your blog. I'm so happy to see Chloe is doing really well in school. Wow..her schooling experience is awesome! I can see Chloe is not that shy girl anymore...very good! :)

  8. Everyone looks like they had lots of fun!


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