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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Doggy Trash

While walking home from school one day, I spotted a box of toys at the trash bin area of our apartment compound. Very quickly, I dashed over and squatted down to have a closer look...

Fascinated by other people's rubbish!! My silly antics made mummy burst into laughter :D

Upon visual inspection (didn't touch it of course), I concluded that the broken toys belonged to a dog. I mean, just look at the level of damage...

And they looked very dirty too...

Me: Yes, I'm very sure these toys belonged to a dog.
Mummy: The dogs here have very good life, hor?
Me: Ya, got nice toys to play with.... just play only, no need to do (school) homework. Better life than me...
Mummy: LOLOLOL!!


  1. Wow.... The dog is fortunate indeed. How have you been?

  2. doggy have better life too. Get annual medical check up, stay in pet hotel, get fur trim, beauty treatment and loads of other stuffs leh

  3. OMG, my heart is melted by the beautiful flowers sea!

  4. So beautiful this place. How tall is Chloe now?


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