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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My Birthday Party

I celebrated my first birthday on Sunday, 12th August, the closest weekend to my actual day, 13th. It was a small and simple home party, exclusively for our immediate family members.

I put on my new clothes and shoes given by Ah Ma.

I got 2 red eggs from Mah Mah.

I smiled at the camera.

I played with my cousins. Actually, I kacau them, to be precise hehehe (while they were playing UNO Stacko).

Me and my Barney birthday cake.


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  2. Happy Birthday Chloe....
    Haha both of our girl name Chloe and is Leo too...

  3. Thanks Aunty Vicky! Your Chloe and I can play and be good friends next time hehehe...

  4. hahah.. She really likes the bear bear huh? till kiss kiss.. .eheheh

  5. Hi Chloe! It's aunty Debbie...:) Happy 1st birthday! Hope to see you end of this year...:) Please give mummy a hug for me...


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