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Friday, September 21, 2007

Baby Talk Part 2

There still isn't much improvement where my speech development is concerned. I'm not interested at all to repeat what mummy tells me to. Occasionally, I do try to please her and make up something that makes her excited.

Mummy: Say daddy.
Me: Dah-deh
Mummy: Dad-dy
Me: Daah-dee
Mummy: Hee hee hee... (she thinks I got it)

Mummy: Say fish
Me: sshh
Mummy: Fish
Me: ish
Mummy: Fish
Me: isshh
Mummy: Hee hee hee... (she thinks I got it again)

Mummy: Say mummy
Me: Dah
Mummy: Mama
Me: Dah
Mummy: Ma
Me: Dah
Mummy: Dah lah... malas nak ajar engkau...

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