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Friday, September 21, 2007

Bye-bye pacifier

I have been sleeping without my pacifier for about 2 weeks now. I think I'm starting to forget that it even existed. Mummy is very glad that I've finally given it up for good. Don't be too happy yet, mummy. I'm a big girl now and I'm in the midst of plotting some new pacifying techniques from you hehehe. (Hint: "carry", hug-hug, cuddle-cuddle, kiss-kiss etc.)

My jut-jut collection - 1 month, 1 piece.


  1. wah, chloe, y u got so many jut jutssss? i oni hav 1 since i was few months old till 1 month ago... hahahhhaa..

  2. I dunno leh... mummy says it's not hygienic to suck on the same jut-jut for too long so she only buys me cheap jut-juts and use them as monthly disposables...


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