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Monday, September 3, 2007

Weekend Getaway 2

Last weekend, I tagged along with daddy and mummy to another weekend getaway. Yippee yay yay!
Mummy, daddy... let me drive you there. Fasten your seat belts. Ready, steady, go! Haha... actually, mummy went to buy lunch so daddy and I waited in the car. And while waiting, I like to sit on daddy's lap and manoeuvre the steering like this.

We stayed at a hotel with lots of horses. There were horses on the ceiling, on the walls, on the furniture, in the bathroom and everywhere you name it. Look at the shampoo and bath gel bottles. Aren't they unique?

Welcome drink, anyone?

Hello, hello... room service, please. The telephone was the only interesting thing I could find in the room.

Next was the mirror (not again...)

Taking a "walk" at the poolside.

At night, we went to Putrajaya to see the Malaysian International Fireworks Competition (MIFC). We went there with Auntie Bee Sien and Uncle Daryl, who drove us there. Uncle Daryl parked his car at the roadside, together with a long line of other cars and we managed to get a good and clear view of the fireworks. Mummy pointed at the fireworks and said "Look BB, fireworks!" So I kept my eyes glued on the bright and colourful display.

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