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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My Chipped Tooth

Finally, a picture of my chipped tooth...

Can you see it? Actually the one beside it (on my left) is also slightly chipped at the corner but only someone as observant as daddy and mummy will be able to notice it.


  1. Poor Chloe! Growing pains, huh? Don't worry, you have a brand new set in a couple of years..:)

  2. Oh luckily just slightly chipped at the corner. Be careful ya sweety.

  3. This happening remains as a mystery to mummies and daddies. I really have no idea how mine chipped his tooth and I thought it was way too early for it to happen. Sigh....

    So far, I didn't notice Chloe's chipped tooth from her recent photos. Still looks so cute and adorable :D

    p/s: Feel like wanna cubit Chloe's rosy cheeks XD


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