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Monday, May 26, 2008

My Love-Hate Relationship With Books

I love books. Err... maybe not all the time. If I'm deeply in love with a particular book, I will read it the whole day and bring it along to bed at night.

Sometimes, when I like a book too much, I am tempted to commit a "murder". Geram mah... Here are two of my very unfortunate books:

Attempted "murder"... still not too bad. This book was given by auntie Sien. Sorry, auntie Sien.

"Murdered" beyond recognition... poor book. This book was given by auntie Vivian. Sorry, auntie Vivian.


  1. To practice the kids love books, sure some book will be "murder". ;)

  2. Ya... while giving the kids knowledge, they get sacrificed along the way... poor books :-(

  3. Haha.... nehmind lar.... Next day we go get more to murder, K.

    BB, I tot u originally like to it-it them...


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