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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Potty Training Failed

It was a short-lived happiness for daddy and mummy. While my potty-training looked really promising in the beginning, it actually wasn't. I was only putting on a show to gain praises and applauds. In less than a week, I found the routine very boring so I decided not to co-operate with Mah-mah anymore.

- I refused to sit on the potty
- I refused to pee when forced to sit on the potty
- I kept creating "accidents" until I ran out of pants to wear (and gave Mah-mah lots of cleaning-up work)
- I peed on my pants on purpose

I'm not ready yet.
I drink too much water and pee too often.
Mah-mah gave up (a very unlikely trait of her, but she did, surprisingly)

Daddy... continue to stock up on my day-time diapers, please.

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