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Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Parrot


While spending a week in Seremban, the “talking mechanism” in me has been triggered and I can finally talk. Suddenly, I got very interested in repeating after words and sounds like a parrot.
I think the happiest person has got to be mummy, who will squeal in delight whenever I say something new or when I say a word using my own sing-song intonation.

1. I can pronounce almost any 1-2 syllable word but need to improve the accuracy of the /f/, /h/, /k/, /l/ sounds. 3 syllable words = banana, papaya, elephant

2. I can say simple 2-word phrases like mummy’s bag, daddy’s watch (or anything that belongs to mummy or daddy) black/red/white car, eat bread, eat bi-chak (biscuit), eat rice, drink water, go there, cat mau-mau, mouse chit-chit, sit down, nite-nite, see ya etc.

3. I can engage in simple conversation and can even “argue” with people.

4. I can tell what I want (but sometimes will still cry, fuss and refuse to tell)

5. I can tell who did what, bought what, gave me what etc.

The eager little learner... busy with revision

1 comment:

  1. Well done Ruoyi, at last you willing to talk more. Sigh aunty little girl still a good listnener hopefully she can be a parrot like you soon ;)


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