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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Cameron Highlands

We made a trip up to Cameron Highlands from 9-11 Nov. Koo-koo came along with us too. It was a very relaxing and enjoyable holiday. We left home at 7am so that we could reach Ipoh on time for breakfast. After a sumptuous and satisfying breakfast (plus take-aways for lunch), we proceeded our journey to CH via the Simpang Pulai route.

We stayed at the Equatorial Hotel. It was quite a comfy 2-room apartment.

The next day, we spent the whole day out, visiting many places of interest while enjoying the cool, fresh air, scenery and food. Here are just some of them...

At the Kea Farm market: We came here twice, as it was just beside our hotel. First visit was just to jalan-jalan and the second time, to shop!

At a flower and cactus nursery: Cacti and flowers everywhere...

Strawberries galore: Took photos with a giant strawberry, saw real strawberry plants, bought strawberry souvenirs and fruits, ate strawberry cake, strawberry tart, strawberry ice-cream and drank strawberry smoothies & juices.

We had tea at a cafe overlooking a tea plantation: That's me enjoying the breath-taking view.

The Ye Olde Smokehouse: Admiring the beautiful English-style garden instead of "wasting time" looking at the camera...

At a park in Tanah Rata: Where is that Parit Waterfall? We couldn't find it so we settled for these giant fruits and vegetables instead...

We went home via the Tapah road. On the way, we saw Lata Iskandar, a lovely waterfall and just had to make a stop. It was my first time at a waterfall. However, the water was too cold so it was absolutely No Swimming and mummy only allowed me to dip my feet in it.

Overall, it was a fun trip with a very well-tolerated journey. I didn't have any motion sickness (cos daddy was a superb driver hehehe) and enjoyed myself very much.


  1. I like having tea at the tea plantation too. Long time nvr been to Cameron Highlands.

  2. Your daughter was 2 or 2+ yrs old when you all went to CH, right?


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