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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sleep Talking and Crying

I talk and cry in my sleep very often, so often until daddy and mummy are already immuned to it and don't bother to entertain me anymore... (esp when they are in sweet slumberland)

However, early this morning, my crying was exceptionally loud and non-stop. I kept crying for "Elmo CD, Elmo CD, want my Elmo CD, Elmo CD, want Elmo CD, Elmo CD......................" like a broken record.

I was really annoying so daddy had no choice but to bring me to my CD collection. After a quick rummage, I brought these 2 "gems" back into the room and went back to sleep. *Daddy & mummy shake their heads... sigh*

What a princess! I arranged the CDs side by side like this and went back to sleep


The Wonderful World of Ruoyi

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