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Monday, December 29, 2008

"Eat Cane"

Today, I had my very first taste of the cane. It matches with the Chinese phrase "eat cane".

Here's why: I wet (drenched, to be precise) my pyjamas again for the umpteenth time, just before bedtime.

How? By doing any one or more of the following:
1. Deliberately spitting and spewing water from my mouth while drinking
2. Pouring and sprinkling the remaining water all over myself
3. Playing with water at the wash basin and splashing water all over, wetting the bathroom and myself

I have been warned again and again not to do it and promises have been made and broken far too many times.

Since the warnings, scoldings and light beatings didn't work, daddy had to resort to the cane. And yes, surprise... surprise... it was daddy who did it first! When mummy heard the commotion, she too, joined in and caned me on my palm.

Have no mercy - I was also told to hold my ears and squat at a corner

And since we did not have a real cane (rotan) at home, these balloon sticks proved to be rather handy as well...

Plenty of stock...

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