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Monday, December 29, 2008

When Chloe Met Chloe

We went to Midvalley today because mummy wanted to meet up with her online-mummy friends. Mummy had always wanted me to meet this little jie-jie, also called Chloe, because we have so many similarities...

At last! Nice to meet you but...

... but I was very, very unfriendly and REFUSED to shake hands with her or even go near her. Mummy had to "force" me to stand here so that she could snap this photo.

We also met this cute little boy called Jonas. I also refused to shake hands with him but later, we did... and our hands got stuck! We held hands like this for several minutes and didn't want to let go hahaha...

I'm holding his hand because he is a boy hehehe...

And then, we spent the rest of the day shopping there... and went home after 9pm.

My second home - feeling so at home here

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