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Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Historical City

We went to Melaka for a short trip from 1-3 Mar, with Gung-gung, Ah Ma and Kau-foo. It was my second visit there, and with them too.

Daddy could only join us on the 2nd day due to some work commitments so on the 1st day and the morning of the 2nd day, Gung-gung, Ah Ma, Kau-foo, mummy and I walked around on our own.

It was a very, very hot day. We were sweating, feeling tired and hungry after walking round and round in the hot-hot sun, looking for a place to have our lunch. Luckily I had my lunch packed by Ah Ma - yummy egg sandwich!

We went swimming in the afternoon because the pool was very nice and enticing. It had a water-slide and a umbrella-like splashing fountain in the wading pool.

In the evening, we drove around the town and landed in Jonker Street so we stopped here for dinner. Since it was a Monday, the street was very quiet and deserted. We had this whole "Mamee stage" to ourselves!

Other activities include shopping in Pahlawan Square, jumping on the hotel bed and flashing at some some headless mannequins haha. We also spotted the Eye On Malaysia near our hotel.

It was a fun and enjoyable family trip. Mummy gave me double thumbs-up for being a fuss-free, happy and cheerful little traveller/tourist!

1 comment:

  1. Wat is daddy doing in d umbrella-like water fountain O?

    I like d 'headless mannequin' photo... BB so gaya wit her 'chang-yew' pose.


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