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Friday, March 6, 2009

Online Photo Printing

Mummy takes an average of 150-200 photos of me every month, sometimes more, depending on our activities and outings. Every few months, she will go through all the folders and select the best ones to be developed. I love to look at my photo albums. I always say "Mummy, I want to read photo album". Hahaha!

Just last week, she has selected about 150 photos from my 24th Month - 30th Month folders. She told daddy to remind her to develop those photos on our next shopping trip. However, before our shopping trip was due (this coming weekend), mummy came across this great and interesting website called EOE Online.

They are currently having a promotion, which is too good to be missed. Each 4R print is only RM0.30 and delivery is free for orders above RM35.00. This promotion couldn't have come at a more appropriate time for us!

Now, mummy can print photos anytime she likes and wait for them to be delivered to the doorstep. I think she can't wait to try it...

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