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Friday, March 6, 2009

Never Eaten a Lollipop

I don't think mummy would ever buy me sweets. If not for this aunty in a restaurant (the boss), who probably noticed my good behaviour, who gave me this lollipop, I will never know the taste of a candy until much later...

Since it didn't contain bright colourings, my kiasi mummy decided to let me try it... The funniest thing was, I didn't know how to eat it! I just stared at it and wondered if it was to be licked, bitten or chewed hahaha.

I am not really a sweets fan, which made mummy really happy. After just a few licks, I said "enough" and handed the stick to mummy. What's next? She brought me to the bathroom to brush my teeth, of course!


  1. then mummy gasak the rest of d lolly? haha...

  2. no lah, mummy washed off the layer of my saliva and kept it in the fridge. U want my leftover? haha...


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