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Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Zoo

After planning and postponing a trip to the zoo for the hundred-thousandth time, we finally made it today. Hurray!

When asked "Which animal do you like the most?" a few times, my answer was always consistently the GIRAFFE.

I was very happy and excited to see so many animals but occasionally, at certain enclosures, I would complain "very smelly".

Then we watched some birds and sea lions perform in the animal show. Mummy said they were more obedient than me and they could perform so many tricks!
I finally saw the hippos. Now I understood why the hippos were not in Ipoh.

Most of the walkways were very shady and comfortable. Eventhough it was very sunny, we didn't really feel the heat except for the Savannah Walk. It was very hot there.

Mummy was quite surprised that I dared to touch some of the animals. I gently stroked a pony and touched a kid's ear...

Towards the end of the trip, at about 3pm, I was so tired I fell asleep in my stroller. It was my nap time, anyway.

I was very sound asleep when we left the zoo but something funny happened. As we were entering the car, I woke up for a while, said "bye-bye zoo" and went back to sleep. Hahaha!
Overall, it was a very nice experience. All the animals were very visible and were proudly parading themselves to us except for the porcupines, which were asleep when we visited them.


  1. ai yo.. why never ajak kookoo to go together gether?

  2. Haha.. dun worry kookoo, i've already told daddy i wanna go again. Will ajak u then, ok!

  3. hey, 1st time here. hehe... i think ur post abt ur visit to the zoo just convinced me to go! haha! was contemplating about our zoo... hehe! thanks!


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