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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Washing the Stool

- Mummy was busy cooking dinner.
- I was playing quietly in the living room as usual

Inter-house Q&A:
Mummy: BB what are you doing?
Me: I'm washing the stool

Although mummy didn't quite understand what I meant, she didn't pay much attention either and continued with her cooking. After 5 mins, she asked again. And again. When she heard the same answer for the 3rd time, she knew something was amiss so she hurriedly came to check on me.

To her horror, I greeted her with this white and fragrant mess...

*Smile* (Still sempat smile for the camera) Sprinkle, sprinkle, sprinkle... I emptied the whole canister of baby powder into the stool.

I knew mummy was angry. Looking into her fiery eyes, I could almost feel her strangling me, eventhough she was only imagining it. As she stretched out her hands, I was sure she was going to spank me but she reached out for the camera instead. Blogging instinct haha. Phew!

With one of our dinner dishes sizzling on the kitchen stove, mummy had no time to deal with the mess... or me. She straightaway shoved me into the bathroom and made me stand there until she finished her cooking, which lasted around half an hour. I stood until I cried. In between sobs, I moaned pitifully "very tired... very tired".

Later, feeling guilty over the harsh punishment, she brought me to the playground to cheer me up again.


  1. Chloe always have many creative idea LOL

  2. Ya lah, auntie rachel... mummy still didn't get it until you mention it here. You are so clever for interpreting "white is clean" Thanks ;-)


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