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Monday, April 20, 2009

Pain in the Butt

After my Pneumococcal jab yesterday morning, I started complaining of "butt pain-pain" yesterday night. Mummy didn't give it much thought and assumed everything would be ok the next morning.

However, I woke up crying this morning and continued to complain "butt pain-pain". To emphasize to mummy how much pain I was in, I even walked with a limp! I laid down on my side on the sofa the whole morning, for nearly 3 hours without moving. I also had a mild fever of 37.5 C. Hmm... mummy was quite puzzled because the doctor had told her that the jab would not cause any side effects.

Everytime mummy asked me "Pain-pain how?", I'd give her this look...


After taking a single dose of fever medicine, I was well and back to my usual self again, jumping here and there. Phew! What a relief! *mummy wipes sweat*


  1. kesian kesia...
    i didnt know the jab is so painful one.. if it really did..then philip must be in pain???

  2. Her pain pain look so cute, yet so pityful.. kesian..


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