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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Koo-mah's House

After the carwash and the jab, we went to Tai Koo-Ma's house to celebrate another round of Mah-mah's belated birthday.

First, we had lunch at a Korean restaurant nearby.

Although I've already taken my lunch at home, I still sapu quite a big portion of mummy's Bibimbap plus a bit of daddy's BBQ chicken rice.

Then we spent almost the whole afternoon playing in Koo-ma's house. I LOVE to go there because there are lots and lots of toys to play.

Got racing cars, got self-created congkak, got Chicky Memo, got "Higglytown Heroes" and many more.

Then there is also a mini-zoo there.

Got tortoise, got bird, got fish and of course, Shasha the HUGE but gentle dog


  1. That was a very nice lunch with great company. We shall do a pot luck next ;) Shasha looked he's going to attach BB in the pic :p


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