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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hair Loss

Help!! Not only is my hair not growing (it's growing at an ultra-slow rate), it's shedding like leaves in autumn. Mummy thinks my hair loss problem is quite serious because I've been littering the whole house with... my hair! Every few minutes, she has to remove hair from the sofa and whenever she looks at the floor, there is more.

This afternoon, mummy tried out an "experiment". She cleared the sofa of every single strand of hair before I took my nap on it. When I woke up 1 1/2 hours later, this was the amount shed...

In just 1.5 hours, I lost this much hair...

She wonders if this is normal... Are there any kids out there who have this similar problem?


  1. i have hair loss too and thot your post can help me solve my problem .. but then i realise its your kid that is losing hair? sure ar? how come ar?

  2. Quite strange for such young children to loss so much hair! Never encounter this with my girls.

    Consult doctor.

  3. Yikes! Mummy starts to *WORRY*

  4. hmm... i never realise if my lil missy drop hair like tis wor, me got lar

  5. izzit due to shampoo problem? sometimes if u have just changed to a new shampoo, will happened though.


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