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Thursday, May 7, 2009


This afternoon, I brought this little puzzle to mummy and told her "Mummy, you do this puzzle". Since this was one of mummy's favourite puzzles, she was happy to solve it for me.

Notice the "G" that is used to fill the empty slot

While she was engrossed with it, she heard me mumbling "stuck, stuck" but she didn't turn to look at me. What to do? I complained louder lah... "STUCK, mummy STUCK!" and started to cry, drooling profusely at the same time...

Finally, mummy turned to look at me and she was horrified (but quite amused) to see that "G" thing lodged between my teeth like this:

First, she gave me a piece of her mind for putting things into my mouth. I haven't done this for a long time. Dunno what had prompted me to do it this time.
Then we were both thankful that it was only on my teeth, not in my throat or tummy!
There's just no end to my mischiefs at home *mummy shakes head* Just look at my chipped tooth - that will prove how naughty I am. Also, blame it on mummy, for her repeated parental negligence. Heh heh heh!


  1. gosh
    almost pengsan. i thought it got stuck between the teeth. luckily nothing major..

  2. Yes, memang stuck between the teeth. Just need to use a bit of strength to pull it out. You know, Mummy can pengsan many times over... haha

  3. walaooooooooooooeh! pengsan :)


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