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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Singapore Trip Part III

We didn't do much today since it was our last day here and we had to be at the airport by 1:30pm for our 3:15pm flight home.

We went to the Singapore Flyer in the morning. Although we went there quite early, we failed to get the free tickets (all fully redeemed) and mummy felt it was not worth it to pay for the ride. We'll come back next time when they have promotions again hehe!

We went to Suntec City instead... for another round of shopping. We walked right into the world's largest fountain. It didn't look very large though. I also fed some fishes in the koi pond there.

We had lunch here and returned home to pack our things. Besides providing us with free accommodation, "jostling" to pay for most of our meals and bringing us places, Ping Ping yi-yi even gave me a present (Esprit clothes). This made mummy really paiseh... Thank you soooooo much, Ping yi-yi!

Finally, it was time to go home. Victor yi-jeong fetched us to the airport since they were just staying nearby.

I fell asleep on our flight home. At first I was still actively moving about... checking out the food tray, playing with the window shutters, pressing the buttons on the armrest and then suddenly, my head drooped lower and lower and before you knew it, I had dozed off...

We would like to thank Aunty BS, Uncle D, Ping Ping yi-yi, Victor yi-jeong and Kau-foo for their time, generosity and warm hospitality throughout our stay in Singapore. We truly enjoyed our holiday very much!

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