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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Yeh-yeh on TV?

Me: Yeh-yeh... yeh-yeh! (pointing at an elderly man on tv)
Mummy: Hahaha no lah, that's not yeh-yeh.
Me: Yes, it is.
Mummy: No, it's not.
Me: Yes. It's the same as yeh-yeh (what I meant was, the man looked like yeh-yeh)
Mummy: Hahaha... very funny ler u!


  1. She is a smart girl. She looks very tall huh..

  2. She is so confident. Must be someone similar heh?

  3. Mummy Gwen, quite ler (tall)... I'm taller than most of my peers, including those who are much older.

    Actually that man dun even look like yeh-yeh. Saje... see old man only, simply claim it's my grandpa...


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