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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Day Trip to Ipoh

I can still remember the Hippo in Ipoh story. When asked the same question again today, I still gave the same answer - to see the hippo. Hahaha!

As soon as I woke up this morning, I quickly reminded daddy "Daddy, you don't go to work ar! We are going to Ipoh ok". Daddy almost laughed at my excitement. We left home quite late at 7:40am, then went to fetch Mah-mah and Yeh-yeh. We reached Ipoh at 10am, hungry for breakfast.

Daddy wanted to have dimsum at Foh San but was put off by the overwhelming crowd and queue. We ate hor hee (hor fun with fish cake slices and fish balls) instead. I didn't quite like the hor hee because it was too salty! The caramel custard tasted much better. Yums!

After a hearty breakfast, we went to Menglembu to visit some relatives. I was thrilled to see the giant groundnuts at the roundabout on the way there. First stop was to Yee-por's house. While the adults were busy chatting with Yee-por, I kept myself occupied with some Lego bricks.

Then we went to Sook-gung's house, which was just nearby. It happened to be my naptime so I snored away comfortably on the couch...

... and woke up to find a handsome gor-gor waiting to play with me! It was Gabriel gor-gor, my cousin.

Gabriel gor-gor was so kind. He generously gave me his toy jeep as a souvenir of our first meeting.

Next stop was to Pusing, daddy's hometown. It was my very first visit here. We wanted to visit another Sook-gung here but the road leading to their house was blocked so we visited Kau-gung instead. After a brief visit (it was getting late, nearly 7pm), we headed home...

Clutching my precious little red jeep dearly throughout the journey...

It was a very fun and eventful day.


  1. Haha BB you look very shy when Gabriel gor gor holding your shoulder for photo :)

  2. Such a lovely family visiting~~~

  3. Both of them are so lovely...hug hug wor!!!

  4. Dear Chloe, Hope you like my little gift! It is a bit old... but it is my favorite :)


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