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Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Bias Remark

We were in Seremban, just minutes prior to our return to PJ, when Gung-gung and I were enjoying a light conversation. Sitting squeezed together in an armchair, we talked and laughed like old friends did...

Gung-gung: You stay here, don't go home, ok?
Me: Okay
Gung-gung: (To reaffirm his earlier statement) Daddy and mummy are going home. You stay here with Gung-gung and Ah Ma. Gung-gung will take care of you, cook for you... ok?
Me: You can cook meh?
Gung-gung: ................... (then *hahahaha* in the heart)

Gung-gung: Ok, Gung-gung can't cook so who can cook?
Me: Mummy can cook. Ah Ma can cook.
Gung-gung: What about your daddy?
Me: No, daddy also cannot cook. Boys can't cook.
Gung-gung: ...................... (*hahahaha* in the heart again and turned to mummy for questioning)

Mummy quickly went into defensive mode and said "Hey, I didn't teach her that!!"


  1. My dad can cook very delicious meal.. Yummy Yummy!!! Not all boys can't cook..

  2. Hahaha...she is so smart and witty. She can talk very well. :)

  3. hahahahaah i wonder how she knew the "boys" cannot cook..

  4. Really dunno how on earth did she get this idea... cos mummy watches so much AFC where most of the chefs are men!!


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