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Saturday, June 27, 2009

No Durians, Please

Ewww! What's that foul stench? Quick, get it away from me!

No, no, no... no way am I going to touch this yucky stuff.

Gung-gung bought some D24 durians home today. Later, I stared in disgust as everyone devoured this overly-repulsive mush they called a "fruit", a delicacy.

I can't believe that this thing has actually made its way into my tummy before. I really do not know HOW that happened...


  1. Alamak..Chloe doesn't like durian? Gwen loves it now. I've yet to blog about it although I've taken some pics.

  2. Oh no ... you hate durians now? How come?? How come?? It's so nice ..... Angel started to love its taste. Or maybe D24 is too bitter for you? Ask mommy to buy Thailand durian la .... sweeter :)

  3. I don't even want to smell it, let alone taste it. Maybe I don't know how to like it... just yet.


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