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Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Neat Artist

I kept bugging mummy to let me paint the bathroom wall again today. Mummy said NO cos the walls are still clean and they aren't due for washing yet so she let me paint on the art block instead..

This time, I was exempted from removing my clothes, and mummy did not even line the floor with newspapers because she trusted my disposition of being clean and fussy like her :-D True enough, at the end of the session, there wasn't a single stray dot on the floor or my clothes. Mummy was so proud of me!

Everything else was spotless except for this masterpiece, with everything looking very "spotty"!


  1. Nice work!! I love all your paintings :)

  2. very good work lah! keep it up!

  3. Wah, you so nice mommy, let her paint bathroom wall earlier! If me ar, sorry lah, even if due to clean also I dont allow lor ... hahaha.

  4. Very nice painting. No mess at all. I'm impressed. :)


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