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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Boiling Phone Porridge

First of all, this is not even a toy phone. Although I have a few toy phones around, I still prefer this make-believe one. Every time mummy's phone rings, I will run along to grab this "phone" of mine as well, pretending that someone's calling me too.

Well, I was caught gossiping over the "phone" today.

Mummy kept giggling to herself when she heard my monologue which went something like this...
Hello? Yes? Mm... Mm.. *whisper* *whisper* What do you mean? Hah? Sure or not? Mm... Mm... Don't forget to put seatbelt when you go in the car hah. OK thanks. Bye!

Haha! I was so, so, so cute!! She asked me who was on the other line and I said "You lah. Mummy lah". When asked to re-enact that conversation so that mummy could video me, I stubbornly refused to...


  1. Probably that's how u owis talk to YH lor... Hmmm.... next day I must ask BB some private questions between u n YH and see what she tells me..... muahahahahha *rubs hands with wicked grin*

  2. wakakakkakakakakakkakakakak!

  3. Haha....Chloe so cute and so smart.

  4. Hehe...definitely learned from Mummy lah. :P Sedap or not phone porridge..haha.

  5. definitely she follow the mummy..yak yak yakkk all the way..

  6. haha.. so young start boiling phone porridge d a? hmmm


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