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Monday, June 15, 2009

Quality Family Time

One of my favourite time of the day is our family bonding time just before bedtime. I just love the quality family time spent in the bedroom with daddy and mummy... rolling on the bed, reflecting on our day, talking about what happened, tickling each other, telling jokes, exchanging hugs and kisses, saying I Love You to each other over and over again, giggling happily etc.

Aah... *contented* it is important to go to bed with a smile


  1. I love the moment spent b4 sleep, with my boy also.. really is quality family time..

  2. totally agree with u on dat! nothing beats going to bed with a happy heart. :D

  3. Yes, very nice. Good to have it in the bedtime routine as a family tradition.

  4. bedtime is nice when my brat is in good mood. on most days, i geram cos have to accompany and pat him for more than 1 hr baru he tidur!

  5. That's right. It's good to have some family bonding time b4 bedtime. :)


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