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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Big Girl, Small Girl

When I saw mummy drinking something from her cup this afternoon:

Me: Are you drinking milk?
Mummy: Yes (actually it's not milk but looks like it and since I can't tell the difference, no point explaining)
Me: How come you never drink from the bottle?
Mummy: Mummy is a big girl. Big girls don't drink from the bottle. Big girls drink from the cup.

At this juncture, mummy expected me to say "I'm a big girl. I also want to drink from the cup". Instead, this was what I said...

Me: Ooh. Then next time, you be a small girl ok. You become a small girl, then you can drink from the bottle like me and play toys with me. OK?
Mummy: Hahahahaha!!


  1. she can talk very well ody eh? good good.. definitely big girl now.. haha..

  2. Mummy must be very quick to answer her witty questions..hehe..she's a smart kid.

  3. hahahhahahaha... she oredi out-smart you here de... ambik kau!


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