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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Don't Want to be Satisfied

I requested for a bubble bath again today. Before mummy could say no, I quickly shot a few lines of self-praise to gain her approval.. "You see... I didn't make the house messy-messy. I didn't throw things on the floor. I put back the books. I am a good girl". I also gave her the sweetest smile that I knew would melt her heart.

Of course, mummy gave me the green light because she was also trying to get rid of her big stash of expiring Sebamed baby bubble bath samples (that she got when she delivered me) and I had a whale of a time in the tub...

I know, the tub is too tiny for me but who's complaining?

10 minutes was the max that mummy allowed. Even in that short period of time...

Old lady's fingers

After showering and dressing me up, mummy asked...

Mummy: Satisfied?
Me: No, I don't want be satisfied. I want some more.

For the next 5 minutes or so, I kept whining and repeating the same thing over and over again "I don't want be satisfied. I don't want be satisfied......"

Is there such a thing? Hmm....


  1. hahaha...cute girl. And poor fingers she got after bathe!

  2. My son's fingers also like that everytime after bath, and still refuses to come up even I request is enough....... And while I wear clothes for him, he'll show me his hands and tell me 'old man'... ...

  3. Cute to play water.

  4. Haha cute voice when she said "I don't want be satisfied". Dear mommy next time bring Chloe to swimming pool ok. :)


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