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Saturday, August 1, 2009

My Big-girl Bed

Daddy and mummy have been repeating this over and over again for weeks. They keep telling me and reminding me that when I turn 3 years old next week, I will have to sleep on my big-girl bed on my own, in my very own bedroom (I'm currently co-sleeping with them on a mattress beside their bed). Although most of the time I feel excited at the thought of it, sometimes I will ask:

Me: Why? Why? Why I cannot sleep with you anymore?
Mummy: Because you are a big girl now. You have to sleep on your own.
Me: But I'm very scared...
Mummy: Scared of what?
Me: Big bad wolf.
Mummy: ................. (oh no, not again)

They finally bought me a bed from Harvey Norman today.

This is the bed that daddy and mummy have chosen for me (not this colour, though). The bed-frame is padded and encased in leather, with a bottom pull-out second bed.


  1. I want to get Gwen a Big girl bed too..hehe.

  2. wah, leather padded, sure killer mahal wan... hehe! nice bed :)

  3. That bed is super nice :) I love it! But mommy not afraid that she will fall down? She is not a rough sleeper ya? What a good girl :)


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