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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Colouring, Writing and Drawing

I'm sure there are many other kids my age who can colour better than me but to mummy, what I produce is good enough. Sometimes, when I'm not engaged in any mischevious activities, I can be the sweetest angel ever, like today, when I just did my colouring quietly while mummy was busy.

I even know how to turn the book to facilitate my strokes hehe...

Here are some of my work, all 100% done by myself:

Coloured using colour pencils.

Coloured using oil pastel. The question mark is mummy's favourite. It's so neatly done.

Most of the pictures are half-done. I always do not have the patience to complete them, citing "hand tired" as the main excuse. Haha!

As for drawing, I can't... yet. The best I can come up with are sad and angry faces. I am still unable to curve the line (of the mouth) to make my smiley faces smile.

Writing? Lagi tak boleh haha. Maybe the only letter I can write is "O" because I can draw circles.


  1. I must say that you can really colour very well Chloe!!!

  2. Opppsss ..... what happen to my fingers today .... I mean RouYi!!!

  3. I wanna ask .... did your mommy call you Chloe or RouYi?

  4. Neither. Haha! Mummy calls me BB most of the time but every now and then, she'll call me both Chloe and Ruoyi.

  5. No other better word for 'U'? 'Undress'??

  6. Very good colouring skills. my 3yo1m daughter couldn't even reach that kind of level yet...

  7. thats really some good work there yeah, especially those colored with crayons, very nice :)

  8. Wow! She really can colour well!


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