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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Treasures In The Piano

This is not the first time. Well, what else can it be if it isn't my itchy hands at work again? I just can't help it. It's as involuntary as.... say, breathing!

This time, I had inserted a few items "into" the piano. Actually this was discovered more than a month ago when mummy attempted to teach me to play the piano again. However, my very first "formal" lesson came to an immediate halt after just 5 minutes, when mummy realized that something sounded very wrong. A very clear and distracting hissing sound was heard every time the F#, G and G# keys were pressed.

After a long session of probing, scolding, warning, more questioning, punishing, more scolding and some crying, I finally revealed what I had put inside. The round centre piece of the number 9 foam mat:

To cut the long story short, mummy just left it as it was and dilly-dallied until today, when she finally made a call to the Yamaha Service Centre. The piano technician told mummy that once they make a house call, a fee of RM90 would be charged, even if it didn't require any repairs. The technician was also kind enough to ask mummy to save the RM90 by giving her a step by step instruction on how to dismantle the top cover on her own.

When daddy came home this evening... tada!

This is how the interior of a Clavinova looks like.

And here are some of the things that are NOT supposed to be inside:

The round centre piece of the number 9 foam mat and the Hello Kitty plastic that mummy has cut out from the outer wrapper of my Japanese rice crackers.

The culprit wasn't the little round foam after all. It was that Hello Kitty plastic piece that was lodged directly behind those few affected keys!

And this comb... it has been missing for the longest time!

The 3 culprits...


  1. Wyneth, you click "the first time" link and see la... she pushed the things in through the gap on the cover of the piano.

  2. Hahahaha .... this is so funny!!!! And the comb as well?? Gosh ....

  3. I think she is very smart..hahaha..My girl not so smart lah.

  4. MASTER of all culprits, did u ask her? hahahahaha!

  5. Haha....not surprising to find a number of junk inside the nook-and-cranny of furniture, piano and the likes, especially of you have a toddler at home! :-)


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