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Monday, August 31, 2009

Independence Day

This is my version of independence day, in conjunction with our National Day - I have been sleeping on my own since the day I got my new bed. It has been more than 2 weeks now.

On the first night, I gladly slept on my own without making the slightest fuss! Daddy and mummy were extremely pleased, impressed and thrilled!

In the following nights, I did just as great. I slept through all the nights without making a sound except for a few days when I cried a little because:
1. I had a nightmare
2. I rolled off my bed and fell onto the lower trundle

I guess daddy and mummy had never expected such a smooth and easy transition. Training me to sleep on my own was indeed a breeze for them.

Not only that, I also slept with the lights off. I didn't even need a dim light or night light. Every morning when I wake up, I will also make my bed by arranging the pillow nicely and pushing in the lower trundle, without being told.

For this, I think I deserve every word of compliment there is...

Bravo! Good job! I did it!


  1. Good job! *clap clap* Chloe is a big girl now. Looks like 2nd one is on the way soon..kekeke.

  2. wow, that's very good. Chloe is such an independent little girl! So she will walk to your room after she woke up from her sleep? I am still wondering when will Angel sleep in her own room since she is very quite timid about everything includin darkness and mommy not by her side when she sleep :(

  3. love the room color, the kittycat bedsheet! swwwweeeet! well done chloe :)

  4. Hi Chloe, nice posting. I guess you are the lucky one with baby's easy lifestyle, no tears, no cries middle of night keep you awake.
    Have regards, Lee.

  5. so happy for u. i wonder when can i hv this freedom??!!

  6. Thumb up to you Chloe. Your independence day indeed is also daddy mommy nite free day haha

  7. Yay!! well done. you are such a brave girl :D I like the hello kitty bedsheet :)

  8. Well done Chloe! Where did you get the lovely Hello Kitty bedsheet?

  9. Good job Chloe! Such a brave girl. I think I should train my boy soon.... ;)

  10. Wow! Good job!~
    You sleep in your own room or same room with your daddy & mummy?

  11. Mummy Gwen, we would very much LOVE to have no.2 but sadly, circumstances wouldn't allow it so we can't *sob*

    MommyAngel, hey you know what? Chloe is just as timid, scared of almost everything! We really didn't expect this to be so easy actually :-)

    Thanks, Irene :-)

    Hello Uncle Lee, thanks for dropping by.

    LittleLamb, soon, very soon... Philip is going get his new bed and new room in the new condo right? hehe!

    Auntie Vicky, since I'm not sleeping beside mummy anymore, mummy kind miss me a bit hehe.

    Thanks, Mummy to chumsy!

    Health Freak Mommy, mummy bought the Hello Kitty bedsheet from the Parkson in Berjaya Times Square quite some time ago.. dunno now still got or not.

    mNhl, yes, can train YX anytime now cos he's already going to school, he should be quite independent by now :-)

    little prince's mummy, I'm sleeping alone in my own room ;-)

  12. Chloe Mummy, I'm so sorry to hear about that. Please don't feel apologies.

  13. really brava chloe.. my yinyue cannot sleep without me by her side. even daddy sleep with her also cannot. i must b there to teman. sigh..

  14. So clever girl! Cousin Jeremy until now still sleeps with Koo Mah. He said he cannot sleep without Koo Mah's smell !!


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