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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Learning Broken Mandarin

Both daddy and mummy are "bananas" (Chinese who are Chinese-illiterate). Realizing how inconvenient and "disabled" it is to be Chinese-illiterate, they have vowed to never let me become like them.

Determined to send me to a Chinese primary school later on, they are now trying their best to introduce the language to me. Sometimes mummy would talk to me in Mandarin but refusing to speak the language, I would reply in English instead. Mummy also likes to change the language of all my favourite Playhouse Disney programs to Mandarin! Since I can't understand it, I usually don't bother watching them at all...

Fortunately, I love books and books are my best teachers. However, most of the time, mummy struggles. She struggles to read the words in kindergarten-level books! Sometimes she pauses for a long time. Sometimes, she makes guesses. Sometimes she skips the page. Most of the time she frets and she's frustrated *wipes sweat*

Then she found books that have han yu pin ying and English explanations. She's happy to be able to read every word but she's still upset that her reading/intonation is somewhat out of tune.

Therefore, I'm forced to learn broken Mandarin (as for now)!


  1. *yikes*

    we wanna send lil missy to cina skool too next time, now also thinking, how to coach her when we are *bananas* too?! adohai...

  2. Both my Hubby and me are bananas too. Where did you get the book from? I want to buy too hahaha.

  3. Me too ~ a banana. But lucky hubby knows how to read chinese. YX & XJ will definately be sent to chinese school because I do not want them to grow up like me! hehehe.

  4. Don't worry, i believe with the helps of Han Yu Pin Yin, you will be able to teach Chloe correct Mandarin.

  5. To add on, don't switch the Mickey Clubhouse to Mandarin, because I personally think Mickey speaking Mandarin is kind or WEIRD! hahaha... Maybe you can try Doraemon in Mandarin version? Just my two cents =)

  6. no worries chloe n mommy, aunty connie can help.. aunty connie is chinese educated. now i pulak worrying im teaching my girl broken english.. hahhahaha...


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