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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"Expired" Lantern

It's that time of the year again... The other day, while shopping at Tesco, I was attracted to this huge display of cute lanterns. Mummy said I already had one at home so she didn't get me any.

A few days later, I asked for my lantern so mummy brought it out for me to play. It is Huan Huan, one of the mascots from last year's Beijing Olympics. It was a gift from Auntie Shellie, mummy's old buddy. Although this lantern is so "last year", it is far from being expired because the light is still working perfectly, after being put away for one whole year!

Where's the music?

As I was playing with it, I kept turning it all around, flipping it upside-down, looking for a button to press. When I couldn't find any, I asked "Hey, where's the music?" It is "expired" and now it is silent? What a short-change! Haha!


  1. expired? huh... anyway, nice lantern :)

  2. hehe.. expired pun. nice ma..

    maybe mummy can get those paper ones, just to also decorate the house on the autumn festival lor..


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