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Monday, September 14, 2009

Up: My First Movie Experience

After the kindy registration, we went to the GSC at Tropicana City Mall for a movie... my very first in a cinema!

We watched UP. Yes, it's an "outdated" show but we're not complaining. Since it was a weekday and since it was "outdated" there were only 7 people in the cinema, including us! Daddy got a free movie treat (for his birthday month), I watched it for free too, while mummy paid only RM7 for her ticket. So it was only RM7 for us whole family.

The ad in the mall...

Playing in the mini playground after lunch, before heading off to the cinema.

It's movie time!

Ate popcorn for the very first time

I popped a piece of caramel popcorn into my mouth... munched, munched, munched... urrggh! I didn't like it and wanted to spit it out but mummy made me swallow it :-(

Overall, I was quite well-behaved but occassionally, I talked quite loudly. For the first 10 mins of the show, I sat down and watched quietly. After that, I got up to play with the chair. I kept pushing the seat up and down. I did that many, many times! After sitting down for about 5 mins, I'd stand up and play with the seat again haha. Towards the end of the show, for about half an hour, I fell asleep, tired from the workout of standing and sitting, and pushing the seat up and down haha!


  1. I still haven't watch Up.. more outdated :p But I also got this birthday voucher by GSC that I haven't use too.. hmm... wonder what to watch this month?....

  2. ahhh..what a fun movie-going experience.i miss those caramel popcorns :) ashley has not been into a cinema before :(

  3. I think the cartoon is too bored for her..hehe. Gwen's first time eating popcorns was at her first cinema experience and she loved it. My girl is a food junkie just like me..hahaha.

  4. Hahha...I was wondering if YX could sit still when watching a movie in the cinema. I have never bring him to a cinema before.

  5. wah, not bad for her 1st time yeah! hahaha... wanted to bring krys for UP too, but then h1n1 came along, guess now can go de :)


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