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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Swimming at the Palace

Although I've been here many times, this was the first time I played in the hotel's swimming pool. We went to the pool at 2pm. It was deserted so the whole pool was practically ours!

See... the whole swimming pool to ourselves!

Wuahahaha! That was how ugly I looked after putting on that ill-fitting pair of goggles.

It's ok, daddy's here. I was terrified of the water at first and refused to let go of daddy's hand. I didn't trust the butterfly ring. I didn't quite believe that it would keep me afloat until much later.

Playing the beach ball with daddy

Safe in his arms... a tender moment with dad

I was also too faint-hearted to try the water-slide. I just sat there at the edge, and refused to move.

Hello from under the bridge.

Saying hello to cousin Leanne. Julie yi-yi and her family were there too.

After playing under the scorching sun for nearly 1 hour, mummy had to drag me out of the pool because I refused to leave.


  1. So much fun. She looks cute with the goggles. :)

  2. what a nice pool. looks like it's a lot of fun. hey, ashley has the same swimsuit ;)

  3. Nice pool and good to "own" the pool all by yourself. She look cute in her bikini.

  4. yalor, very cute on her bekini but not nice with the goggles. keke

  5. Nice splashing time.. Went to the pool at 2pm? Must be very hot leh... but it's good to own the whole pool, as no one else would come and disturb =)

  6. We had a great time too. Thank you again!! :)


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