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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What's All That Ruckus?

After dinner, daddy and mummy were talking as usual, filling the house with noisy chatter and laughter. I walked up to them and chided "What's all that ruckus?" At first, they couldn't quite get what I was saying so I repeated to them clearly, word by word "What's all that ruckus?"

Mummy was dumbfounded to hear the word "ruckus"! Later on, she had to summon the help of Google to find its definition *how embarrassing* (It means a noisy disturbance) Surprised that I had cleverly and accurately used this unusual vocab in the correct context, she asked me where did I learn it from.

My answer? --> Pete taught me. Haha! (Pete from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse series).

Hmm... who says the tv is an idiot box??


  1. It is good that Chloe 'picked' the correct things to learn. YX always 'picked' the wrong things, eg: fighting, kicking, hitting... *faint*


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