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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lazy Bum

Among all my daily activities at home, I hate reading and writing the most. Everyday, mummy has to "force" me to read* my books (word recognition and simple sentences) and do my writing. Very often, her initial loving approach will turn into pushing... and then nagging... and then scolding... and then shouting... and sometimes light beatings too, if I remain stubborn and choose to ignore any of her commands.

This evening, I was so extremely lazy, I stubbornly refused to write my letter A. When daddy overheard our commotion, he came over and sternly gave me 3 choices: "You either write, or get beat-beat or stand and hold your ears!" Without thinking at all, I straightaway replied "I want to stand!"

See, I'd rather stand to avoid doing my writing!

Later that night, during bedtime, on the bed, mummy asked me...

Mummy: Why were you so naughty just now? Mummy asked you to write A, why didn't you do it?
Me: Becaaaaaauuuuuse I am so lazy.
Mummy: Why are you lazy?
Me: Because I am Mr Lazy (from the Mr Men series)
Mummy: Cheh! Why do you want to be Mr Lazy?
Me: Becaaaaaauuuuuse I like lazy soooooooo much!
Mummy: *faint*

*I do LOVE books but only when it is read the fun way, minus the academic approach i.e. drilling me to recognize or spell or repeat the same old words.


  1. Mummy, you home schooled Chloe ah. I haven't started Gwen on reading yet. I'm the Mr. Lazy here..hahaha. To me, Chloe is a smart gal.

  2. poor girl standing there pulling her ears.. don't so stress la mummy... she will be able to catch up de.. some people say hoh.. smart ppl, got lazy vein de..

  3. totally agree with cynthia.. reading is ok ler.. writing? i hate it too.. hahahhaa.. i guess i have to stand at the corner and pull my ears now..

  4. Home schooling? No la... mummy doesn't have the patience to do that! I guess she's just plain kiasu and wants to instill good discipline in me from young. She gets even more motivated (and more kiasu) after seeing kids younger than me who can read and write!

  5. It is mummy's first and right move to start you from young. When you are in Std 1 one day, you will thank mummy for what she did now. By that time, you are among the MR NO LAZY anymore!!! Koo Mah last time same age like you already writing 1 2 3 and A B C already !!

  6. ur background frame picture are Penguins???? if it is, how come penguins? *curious*

    whhy not send her to school?

  7. hahahaha...she is a funny girl. Ashley doesn't like to write very much :(

  8. You are still a good girl to me. At least you are brave to accept the punishment and obedient enough to follow. Cos if you have a chance to meet lil Bryan, he is sooo naughty. Never listens at all to his mommie.

  9. sometime children will make funny and make you fainted too. haha......


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