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Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Fun Day

Today, Leanne came to play with me again. Leanne is one of the cousins whom I meet quite often so I warmed up to her quickly and easily without much problem.

Swimming was one of our planned activities for today.

Come join me... do not be afraid, jie-jie is here

Splish splash, this is fun!

When it was time to leave, I refused to get out of the pool again.
Mummy had to draaaaaaaaag me out of the pool.

Feeling disgruntled, I refused to let her take off my swim-suit!
Mummy had to threaten to use the cane when we get home.

I pulled a long face and refused to walk to the lift to get home.
And then mummy whispered the magic words... "Let's go home for a bubble bath".

The magic words worked wonders. It was like a jump-start button that launched my feet off the ground as I sprinted towards the lift!

After my nice and satisfying bubble bath, we, the kids, had mummy's home-cooked lunch at home. Then we walked over to Fullhouse @ NZX where mummy and Julie yi-yi had their lunch...

The newly refurbished Mini Cooper has leather seats now

We sat upstairs, in the balcony, for the first time

Dessert time... I ate the whole piece of cake (a small one) for dessert

Performing a piano duet with Leanne

After lunch, it was playtime at home. Overall, I was quite a good host who generously let Leanne play with all my toys and books without "fighting" with her. Anything that she wanted, I gave them to her although sometimes I did hesitate a bit.

Julie yi-yi also bought me these nice gifts.

Little Miss Sunshine long-sleeved blouse with hood, with matching leggings

Activity books

I've always loved sticker activity books. I completed the whole book (the pink one) today! Thank you, Julie yi-yi. I like the gifts very much. Thanks also, for your great company. Do come more often for more fun and activities ok!


  1. Wah...Chloe got kawan to play with envious..hehe. Gwen has no cousins to play with coz all of them are in SG. :(

  2. Great to spend time with cousin cum good buddy! Hey, Fullhouse has very nice decors there but I haven't tried their food b4. Chloe must be happy to have some nice gifts too...

  3. Fun day with cousin and yi-yi..the swimming pool is it belongs to a club in kota damansara, looks so familiar to me

  4. We had a lovely and fun day too. Thank you for having me over and letting me play with your toys... :)


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