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Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Toy Called Wammy

Wammy is a soft, plastic-y and rubbery creative-building toy.

Making round-round balls is my favourite...

Look ma, I put a ball in a ball!

Sitting on the ball

We can make all sorts of things with this fun-to-play-with construction set.

Wearing a hat and bracelet that daddy made


  1. nice toys there.. interesting.. :D I am sure you enjoy that ya.. :D

  2. dat's new to me. have not seen that before. interesting. :)

  3. very interesting toy :) yeah..i haven't seen this before too.

  4. Where did you bought them? Never seen them before. Looks very interesting and flexible.

  5. mNhl, we bought it from where else but the "China goods" shop hehe... rm12.90 for 200 pieces. Yes, it is very flexible and fun to play with but the quality is not that good. Quite brittle and easily broken... cheap stuff ma ;-)

  6. CHloe very smart hor, knows how to make a ball. Gwen's not interested in these kind of toys.

  7. Chloe make the ball all by herself? So smart!


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