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Sunday, December 13, 2009

40 Months Old

I am 3 years 4 months old (40 months) today.

Height: 103cm
Weight: +- 18kg

Signs that tell daddy and mummy that I have "grown up" quite a bit...

- Developed a new habit of talking back. E.g. When mummy tells me not to do something, I'll say "...but you (or daddy) do it too!"

- Very good is cooking up cock and bull stories, esp when explaining something that I've done wrongly.

- Can sing (accurately) to most of the theme songs of my favourite cartoons but sometimes I also like to distort and change the lyrics and then laugh at my own "jokes".

- Do not take afternoon naps anymore (unless I've had a "workout" at the playground or after walking too much on our shopping excursions)

- Can keep myself occupied for a longer period of time (1-2 hours) without doing anything naughty

- Able to join dots to write/draw alphabets, numbers, pictures & patterns

- Can take food that are mildly spicy

- When dining out, daddy and mummy need to order a separate portion for me. I can no longer share with mummy because it isn't enough anymore (but of course, I can't finish 1 whole plate/bowl either, and the leftovers go to daddy).

- I don't use the baby potty anymore. I now "sit on the throne" just like an adult for both my small and big business (without using the baby toilet seat too). I can do almost everything on my own. Mummy only helps with the washing.

Really "tai kor lui jor" (big girl already)...


  1. 18 kg very geng, I think Yan only 15kg , they both are same age some more

  2. big girl liao lor... good good, and wishing you grow with good health ya.. :D

  3. She is taller and heavier than Gwen. Gwen is only 14 kg. Gwen's older too.

    I have to say this again..Chloe is very smart and her development milestones are better than Gwen's. Mummy, you did a good job.

  4. indeed big jor, and also getting prettier by the day. we really need to meet lah! haha! when when?!

  5. Really a tall girl. Good teaching from daddy & mommy that she develop and improve so good.

  6. chloe has such a sweet smile and nice set of teeth :)

  7. Hehehe... nice set of teeth? Mana ada? One of the front tooth is chipped lah, if you take a closer look (at the mouth ulcer post)

  8. Chloe's a really smart girl... And her smiles are pure sunshine :-)

  9. No afternoon naps liao?? Oh my ... I do hope that Angel doesn't skip her afternoon nap coz it's mommy's recharging time or else I would run crazy soon :P


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